Berkovsky & Bogdanov

Berkovsky and Bogdanov

Victor Berkovsky and Dmitry Bogdanov have been singing together since 1981, - which is about always. But the music of Berkovsky was known by Russians long before its creator took a guitar and stepped into the limelight. His songs soared in popularity when many of his current admirers were not yet in existence, and it was his music's magic spell that eventually led Dmitry to join famous musician.

How did that happen? In 60's, Berkovsky's songs became a staple in Sergei and Tatiana Nikitin's repertoire, which was rapidly absorbed by folk-singing students. At that time, reciting "Old man and Tyaba" (to the lyrics of D.Sukharev), "Amazon" by R.Kipling (translated by S.Marshak) and some other favorites at every get-together was a must. By early 70's, Berkovsky's was already a well-known songwriter.

At that time, Dmitry ("Dima") Bogdanov studied at math high school in Moscow where enrichment classes were taught by college students. These students attempted to withstand pressures of society by excessive learning, wilderness travels, and volunteer teaching. On summer and winter vacations they used to volunteer for construction work at the BBS - White Sea Biology Station of Moscow State University, an institution created at the Polar Circle by late Dr. Nikolai Pertsov, a man of all trades and a charismatic personality. Not a single day at the BBS would pass without a spontaneous concert. Before long, Dmitry became one of the leaders in this group, working on sawmill days and singing for BBS fans in the dim light of polar white nights. Later he organized ensemble "SKY", but finally opted for joint work with Berkovsky.

This synergetic simbiosis of two talented musicians and successful scientists (Professor Berkovsky works at the Moscow Institute for Steel and Alloys on computer-aided rolling of metals and calibration of machinery, whereas mathematician Dr. Bogdanov is a head of Laboratory of Speech Recognition at the Institute for System Studies in Moscow) was bound to last long - so long that first of them may casually note "We are viewed by many as one person, Berkovsky-Bogdanov..."

The duets' concert in San Diego met all expectations of newcomers and seasoned fans. It was exhilarating to recall tunes that we kept singing through years - together with their creators and newly acquired friends.

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