Murka - Translated by Evgeny Moskovets

Translated by Evgeny Moskovets

MURKA Let me tell you story, how was it going Murka was the babe and babe all right Everybody missed her in our cozy district, When she was arrested through the night. Once we went on business, looking for "new riches", We decid' to warm up in the bar There was sitting Murka, flirting with the snitches Bloody rat, she sold us from the start. First we wonna vanish, else the life will blemish, Suddenly revenge came to my mind. In the quiet park-lines, where the junkies drink wine, Dear lovely Murka, will you die! How are you, Murka? How are you, darling? Nice is meeting you, but, well, goodbye! Never fix your life's mess doing dirty business Or my knife will shred you like a pie. One of snitches fired, bullet wasn't mine yet. Other guy, he made a lousy shot. He was brought to doctor, no need to talk to... Murka-babe was finished on a spot. Dreadful raven's flying, dreary heart is crying, Poor my heart is crying through the night. In the quiet park-lines, where the junkies drink wine, Murka's body lying still, but fine... Selected ballads