Navigating Russians' Poetic Speech

Navigating Russians' Poetic Speech

Boyan: Russians' Poetic Speech database is a compilation of over 3500 texts of modern folk songs, folk poetry and speech patterns gathered through the interviews conducted by the authors between 1949 and 1996 in as well as outside Russia. It contains contributions of hundreds of persons, and covers the whole variety of existing Russian folk poetry.

Russians' Poetic Speech may be accessed via:

Since Russian soldiers' poetry has never been treated in a systematic way, we found it appropriate to have a special section on soldiers' language and verbal arts.

To give an idea of how modern Russian folk tunes sound a few one-verse portions of songs were supplied. This section will be expanded quite soon.

Note that we maintain two Russian encodings (Lat and KOI) and serve many documents also in Alt (MS-DOS encoding of Cyrillics). So, whenever a document has .lat in its URL, it is more than likely that .koi version also exists, and this may be checked by changing .lat to .koi in this URL.